Monday, October 09, 2006

love and miss my dear lots ~ Finally..tomorrow can see him liao.. Although is gonna be a while, but its better than nothing.. at least i can c my dearr!!~ =) miss you lotss !!! Muackkkkzz!!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Feeling so ...

Sigh! After every quarrells and misagreements, in the end i'll be the one to feel sad.. I was wondering how come because of small matters must argue. i really hate it. I hate quarrelling..especially with u! Like just now..i just said ' u like every day tired le' .. u say i suan u and the argument started. You don't realli get what i mean. i Just mean no harm.. and maybe it's a misunderstanding? I have no chance to talk and u just shoot back words to me and said u don't like it.. haiz i realli wish i can hide in a hole and never come out. Sometime i dont like u to take me for granted.. ya everytime is my fault.. maybe i should just shut up and zip up my mouth. To you, maybe i'll just say 'yes' or 'no' ..and no more long sentences.. they may cause misunderstandings again.

Next coming week Friday the 13th, is our 1 year anniversary. On that day i'm off, but he isn't. Sigh! My mum was askin how come i didnt went to ur hse today.. i didnt reply her. She asked me how about tomorrow? i say no.

Quarrells can drive me crazy.. Am i being blessed or being cursed? i Have no idea..

Friday, October 06, 2006

He guessed correct my birthday le.. but duno in future still will remember anot.. feelin so moody.. ok u all can say that im so afraid to be left on the shelf! Im not pretty and im so bossy.. so naggy and irritating.. who can stand me? these few days i'm feeling really low self-esteem.. I seem to keep feeling lousy all the time. Who can make me happy and give me care to bring me back to who i was again?

Sigh.. nxt thursday then can see him. It will be 9 days later to seeing him again(since the previous time). x_x

I feel i'm losing my bestfriend slowly n slowly.. I dunno why! This is the feeling i've got. Now we dun really meet.. Maybe few wks once. I feel so hard trying to accept this fact.. But its nothing but the truth.. Things will never be the same again! Missed the old days.. I guess i can only think abt it.. because the future is never the same as the past.. how i wished time can turn back and play it as a video machiam like a tape recorder over and over again.. How i wished it'll never 'stop'. I like to keep things to myself.. so i'll never tell her how i feel.. never..

Bestfriends are only temporary.. That's what i think.. They can never last long because u don't have the fate with them.. Only 'Time' is to be blamed for all the cause.. When can i have a bestfriend to be with me till we turn adults, till we grow old, till the end? Where is the special friend to chat on fone everyday, go out everyday, stick together like fork n spoon, tok about everything together, being there for each other?? where?!?!?!?!

I'm so miserable..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What does sacrificing mean? Even 1 day if he did smthing wrong, i will still forgive him..i tell myself that. Why do i love him so much? whyyy? cos i love him lots.. but he just forget my birthday.. haha so 'happy'.. i felt so terrible inside. Maybe i shldnt blame him.. cos he got poor memory.. all my fault. who ask my birthday so hard to remember.. sadness

1 IMPT Point to remember:
- Remembering someone special 's birthday is one of the most important thing in a relationship.

Maybe im asking for too much. well, that's me.. nvm la its ok.. as long as he know i remember his birthday can already. =)

Today is the day he scolded me Irritating. But he said sorry afterwards..

Everyone please remember: my birthday is 21 May.