Monday, October 09, 2006

love and miss my dear lots ~ Finally..tomorrow can see him liao.. Although is gonna be a while, but its better than nothing.. at least i can c my dearr!!~ =) miss you lotss !!! Muackkkkzz!!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Feeling so ...

Sigh! After every quarrells and misagreements, in the end i'll be the one to feel sad.. I was wondering how come because of small matters must argue. i really hate it. I hate quarrelling..especially with u! Like just now..i just said ' u like every day tired le' .. u say i suan u and the argument started. You don't realli get what i mean. i Just mean no harm.. and maybe it's a misunderstanding? I have no chance to talk and u just shoot back words to me and said u don't like it.. haiz i realli wish i can hide in a hole and never come out. Sometime i dont like u to take me for granted.. ya everytime is my fault.. maybe i should just shut up and zip up my mouth. To you, maybe i'll just say 'yes' or 'no' ..and no more long sentences.. they may cause misunderstandings again.

Next coming week Friday the 13th, is our 1 year anniversary. On that day i'm off, but he isn't. Sigh! My mum was askin how come i didnt went to ur hse today.. i didnt reply her. She asked me how about tomorrow? i say no.

Quarrells can drive me crazy.. Am i being blessed or being cursed? i Have no idea..

Friday, October 06, 2006

He guessed correct my birthday le.. but duno in future still will remember anot.. feelin so moody.. ok u all can say that im so afraid to be left on the shelf! Im not pretty and im so bossy.. so naggy and irritating.. who can stand me? these few days i'm feeling really low self-esteem.. I seem to keep feeling lousy all the time. Who can make me happy and give me care to bring me back to who i was again?

Sigh.. nxt thursday then can see him. It will be 9 days later to seeing him again(since the previous time). x_x

I feel i'm losing my bestfriend slowly n slowly.. I dunno why! This is the feeling i've got. Now we dun really meet.. Maybe few wks once. I feel so hard trying to accept this fact.. But its nothing but the truth.. Things will never be the same again! Missed the old days.. I guess i can only think abt it.. because the future is never the same as the past.. how i wished time can turn back and play it as a video machiam like a tape recorder over and over again.. How i wished it'll never 'stop'. I like to keep things to myself.. so i'll never tell her how i feel.. never..

Bestfriends are only temporary.. That's what i think.. They can never last long because u don't have the fate with them.. Only 'Time' is to be blamed for all the cause.. When can i have a bestfriend to be with me till we turn adults, till we grow old, till the end? Where is the special friend to chat on fone everyday, go out everyday, stick together like fork n spoon, tok about everything together, being there for each other?? where?!?!?!?!

I'm so miserable..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What does sacrificing mean? Even 1 day if he did smthing wrong, i will still forgive him..i tell myself that. Why do i love him so much? whyyy? cos i love him lots.. but he just forget my birthday.. haha so 'happy'.. i felt so terrible inside. Maybe i shldnt blame him.. cos he got poor memory.. all my fault. who ask my birthday so hard to remember.. sadness

1 IMPT Point to remember:
- Remembering someone special 's birthday is one of the most important thing in a relationship.

Maybe im asking for too much. well, that's me.. nvm la its ok.. as long as he know i remember his birthday can already. =)

Today is the day he scolded me Irritating. But he said sorry afterwards..

Everyone please remember: my birthday is 21 May.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

17 September 2006

long time didn't blog liao.. hee! Just now was on the phone with darling den darling say i cannot chat with ppl online if not will grow pimple wholeface n permenantly.. so instead i type this blog to kill time.. at least im not chatting with people hee!

Went to work today.. starting felt so shag.. in the middle of the day i was feelin energetic, kept talkin to customers non stop.. my mouth was like going on and on.. didn' know i could talk so fast.. haha!! then at night i stopped.. getting shagged again.. i guess im getting lazy.

So long didn't meet Cindy liao.. haizz~ the last time was dunno when.. 7-8 days ago? To me is like 5 to 6 years!! so miss her man.. damn! I realised after she got bf.. like don't need me liao :( haiz yea right.. at least got someone to replace me to pei her ma.. yea im feeling carefree.. but i feel uncomfortable.. It's like last time with sher fork n spoon that feeling lor.. after a period, no more so close liao. haizz~ dunno la.. walk 1 step see 1 step lor.. =( sianz.. very long time no go kbox liao.. dunno when cindy free.. =( our competition on 27th le.. gan jiong liao haha!!! 10 more days!!wtf!! The last time the competition came to my mind was a month ago.. and piewwww.. left 10 days.. yea realli.. days passes very fast!! so please make full use of ur time,readers..

Oh yea.. today i went to take the Basic theory book (got 3 sia!) from chris.. see few page liao feel like sleeping.. maybe i shall go read again.. my exam starts 1 month exactly from today..which is 17 Oct.. haha!! later piewwww again.. 1 month gone.. l0lx! i so scare u noe (the exam).. !! I wanna drive a car.. really!!!!!

shagz man.. tmr work afternoon again.. but luckily monday off day! haha!! can sleep.. shld be meeting sher sher bah.. so long no see her liao!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

feeling sick

10 september 2006

so sick man.. today worked at 6am den 8.30am go home liao cos i feeling very very tired..dunno why den head aso extremely pain.. maybe lack of slp? but i got sleep le.. so weird sia.. den after wrk i went to take mc from my house nearby de clinic. $20 le, for headache pills and an mc.. wtf!! after that i bought seafood beehoon den went home n eat den slp till 7+pm !! wtf!!! i sleep so long... got a shock.. sigh..tmr have to work morning shift again.. sian man this job.. more n more sianz le..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today is sunday..

3 September 2006

Days passes so fast! Now is September already.. I feel this world is so scary,as u can turn old in no time. When i was 13yr old, I wished to be 18. And now i'm 19, i wish to be 21. After 21, I guess i'll gonna regret cos after u've reach 20s, time will pass faster.. Now i wish to be 17 again! ha ha !

Yesterday after work, i went to meet my mummy at Century square den we watched a movie called 'Love Wrecked'.. My mum say quite nice.. to me, so so lar.. keke! And before we bought the tickets, we went to Tampines Mall Isetan,as i wanted to buy my Elizabeth Arden Concealer.. And guess what? 1 day before i came, the counter has been moved away. so sway meh? In the end i bought a Shiseido concealer.. Is a very small bottle!!!! Don't know whether is good or not.. But the makeups there so cool! I like every item there !! I wish i can buy everything there.. :)

And for today, i guess im gonna go to kbox bah! cos nowhere to go leh.

I guess my blog's dead again.. Noone comes to my blog cos i don't see any updates in the chatbox! sigh.. shld i promote my blog in forums and sites? I'm like writing for the dummies to read.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Unforgettable nightmare day!

31 August 2006

Yawns so tired.. Today work 6am.. l0lzz.. almost late for work sia.. normally i prepare about 1 n a half hr to bath n makeup de.. but tdy i prepare 45min den run out of house liao.. record wor! keke~

After wrk i went to make working pass.. i took a bus frm the airport interchange.. i alight at the 1st stop cos i was so gan jiong as i didnt know where to alight. i gan jiong de press bell.. the bus aso gan jiong de brake. zzz people were like staring at me.. And the worst nightmare has just started.. I alighted n saw there were nothing but a building n a bridge.. The building couldnt be the station de.. so i went to cross over the bridge as my colleague gave me the instructions while we were still working. The bridge is a metal bridge and very has small steps. It is only a temporary bridge.. After i crossed, i saw completely nothing.. omg! I was in the side of the highway pavement.. I tried to walk across the rocks( there were so many of them and i almost trip n fell!) and the grass n mud! I was hoping the station will be nearby.. It was raining sommore! So unlucky man..I walked until the expressway de big bridge..There were a few construction workers there working.. One of them was surprised to see me.. And i asked him the way.. He told me i have to u-turn. i was like wtf! i walked so far u noe! WHile walking back, i almost cried.. i felt so helpless like a little baby.. I was sayin to myself where is darling? if only darling is beside me.. sob sob!

There were 2 bridges.. i tried to cross the other one which i haven tried b4,hoping to find a shortcut.. When i reached the top, It's blocked! OMFG!!! i got to climb down n go to the other bridge.. I felt so stupid and i kept sayin to myself who could be more stupid than me? sigh! so i crossed back. I wanted to walk away from the place again.. and i realised there were the stones again.. i was like OK I GIVE UP! I took the bus and alighted at the nxt stop. There i was.. I thought i was lost so i called my workplace. The supervisor wanted to mislead me and said that is the wrong stop.. i almost wanted to take the bus again leh! But luckily my senses told me NO! and i asked someone n slowly found the place! sigh.. was it an adventure or a horrific experience? And i was sweating badly!!! phew! man.. seems like the 'dou fu jie show' ( toufu street show on channel8 many yrs ago)..

I hate this kinda experience man.. that is to be trapped at the expressway and couldn't find a place to walk!!! And i know Malaysia got many type of this ulu places.. like the forests and such!! i had push away the leaves of some trees cos they blocked my way.. sigh.. i seemed like a tarzan? Hope i don't have a chance to do barbeque-ing there.. is a No-No!

Oh ya.. and i got my pay today! haha.. darling was complaining how come his lesser than mine by $400 =X i wanted to tell him cos i aso got work July for 5days ma.. so the 5days about 200 lor.. darling, oni more than u 200 ma(to be exact). Hee!

Today is really a very fcuked up day for me!

Friday, August 25, 2006

hao tired wor ~

25 August 2006

stupid blogger.. always got problems with the login.. i tired to login at least 5 times! and it didn't even work!! sigh.. i still got to reset my password and such. such a bother ! Just came back from work not long ago.. sigh ! nxt wk which is on 1st sep, 5th n 15th i gotta go for company training again.. but luckily is at my company office.. l0lzz~ sianz man.. my schedule always got error one.. meaning tt it always pop out a 5day work for me.. stupid ediot pigg.. haizz~

The good thing is im gonna participate in a singing competition on 27 sep.. l0lzz~ so nervous as its my 1st time.. my darling nv encourage me n say i surely will lose de and ask me dont go n throw face.. haiz sad u noe darling.. when i see this. u kan sway wo.. i surely will do give u see de ! hmph!!!!

Today realli nth to blog lor.. but nxt few days sure sian de cos work all afternoon shift. till very late de! haizz..

ok gonna upload some pics..

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Popo Birthday~**~~*

20 August 2006

so shaggzz.. Today almost woke up late wor.. actually shld wake up at 4.30am..but i 5am den wake up.. Luckily my ah ma last night got cook pork leave till tdy morning i eat again lo.. den in order to save time, u noe wad i did? I was half eating n half make-up in my room.. lolzz and that saves time.. i still got time to chat in msn and surf websites.. lolzz went to to search for the tokyo drift mtv.. lolzz and its in my friendster profile liao. :)

After my work, exactly at 3.30pm.. my mother called me on my handphone and told me to be home early cos my popo birthday.. i was like omfg.. i almost forgotten about it ! And i didn't even have the money to get her a gift.. pathetic eh? :( I heard that tonight's venue will be at coffeeshop or something.. i was like wtf!!!! The 'zhu chao' ? I was thinking.. sigh.. And here i am preparing now.. sianz man.. i fell asleep inside the bus on the way home.. actually i wanted to stop by Tampines interchange to buy my concealer n foundation de.. When the moment i woke up, I was already 1 stop before my hse de bus stop le.. haizz my concealer is finishing.. is Elizabeth Arden de.. the old packaging no more liao.. now become new one.. $49 sia.. last time i bought is $29.. wa.. raise by $20 .. zZz~

Tomorrow i'm goin for my company training at Bukit Timah.. sigh.. i even got the map of the place.. haha! I feel so fcukin sua ku man.. Tonight i wanna do a face mask haha ! Long time never put le.. keke.. what i can say is.. shagggzzz~~