Sunday, September 17, 2006

17 September 2006

long time didn't blog liao.. hee! Just now was on the phone with darling den darling say i cannot chat with ppl online if not will grow pimple wholeface n permenantly.. so instead i type this blog to kill time.. at least im not chatting with people hee!

Went to work today.. starting felt so shag.. in the middle of the day i was feelin energetic, kept talkin to customers non stop.. my mouth was like going on and on.. didn' know i could talk so fast.. haha!! then at night i stopped.. getting shagged again.. i guess im getting lazy.

So long didn't meet Cindy liao.. haizz~ the last time was dunno when.. 7-8 days ago? To me is like 5 to 6 years!! so miss her man.. damn! I realised after she got bf.. like don't need me liao :( haiz yea right.. at least got someone to replace me to pei her ma.. yea im feeling carefree.. but i feel uncomfortable.. It's like last time with sher fork n spoon that feeling lor.. after a period, no more so close liao. haizz~ dunno la.. walk 1 step see 1 step lor.. =( sianz.. very long time no go kbox liao.. dunno when cindy free.. =( our competition on 27th le.. gan jiong liao haha!!! 10 more days!!wtf!! The last time the competition came to my mind was a month ago.. and piewwww.. left 10 days.. yea realli.. days passes very fast!! so please make full use of ur time,readers..

Oh yea.. today i went to take the Basic theory book (got 3 sia!) from chris.. see few page liao feel like sleeping.. maybe i shall go read again.. my exam starts 1 month exactly from today..which is 17 Oct.. haha!! later piewwww again.. 1 month gone.. l0lx! i so scare u noe (the exam).. !! I wanna drive a car.. really!!!!!

shagz man.. tmr work afternoon again.. but luckily monday off day! haha!! can sleep.. shld be meeting sher sher bah.. so long no see her liao!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

feeling sick

10 september 2006

so sick man.. today worked at 6am den 8.30am go home liao cos i feeling very very tired..dunno why den head aso extremely pain.. maybe lack of slp? but i got sleep le.. so weird sia.. den after wrk i went to take mc from my house nearby de clinic. $20 le, for headache pills and an mc.. wtf!! after that i bought seafood beehoon den went home n eat den slp till 7+pm !! wtf!!! i sleep so long... got a shock.. sigh..tmr have to work morning shift again.. sian man this job.. more n more sianz le..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today is sunday..

3 September 2006

Days passes so fast! Now is September already.. I feel this world is so scary,as u can turn old in no time. When i was 13yr old, I wished to be 18. And now i'm 19, i wish to be 21. After 21, I guess i'll gonna regret cos after u've reach 20s, time will pass faster.. Now i wish to be 17 again! ha ha !

Yesterday after work, i went to meet my mummy at Century square den we watched a movie called 'Love Wrecked'.. My mum say quite nice.. to me, so so lar.. keke! And before we bought the tickets, we went to Tampines Mall Isetan,as i wanted to buy my Elizabeth Arden Concealer.. And guess what? 1 day before i came, the counter has been moved away. so sway meh? In the end i bought a Shiseido concealer.. Is a very small bottle!!!! Don't know whether is good or not.. But the makeups there so cool! I like every item there !! I wish i can buy everything there.. :)

And for today, i guess im gonna go to kbox bah! cos nowhere to go leh.

I guess my blog's dead again.. Noone comes to my blog cos i don't see any updates in the chatbox! sigh.. shld i promote my blog in forums and sites? I'm like writing for the dummies to read.