Thursday, August 31, 2006

Unforgettable nightmare day!

31 August 2006

Yawns so tired.. Today work 6am.. l0lzz.. almost late for work sia.. normally i prepare about 1 n a half hr to bath n makeup de.. but tdy i prepare 45min den run out of house liao.. record wor! keke~

After wrk i went to make working pass.. i took a bus frm the airport interchange.. i alight at the 1st stop cos i was so gan jiong as i didnt know where to alight. i gan jiong de press bell.. the bus aso gan jiong de brake. zzz people were like staring at me.. And the worst nightmare has just started.. I alighted n saw there were nothing but a building n a bridge.. The building couldnt be the station de.. so i went to cross over the bridge as my colleague gave me the instructions while we were still working. The bridge is a metal bridge and very has small steps. It is only a temporary bridge.. After i crossed, i saw completely nothing.. omg! I was in the side of the highway pavement.. I tried to walk across the rocks( there were so many of them and i almost trip n fell!) and the grass n mud! I was hoping the station will be nearby.. It was raining sommore! So unlucky man..I walked until the expressway de big bridge..There were a few construction workers there working.. One of them was surprised to see me.. And i asked him the way.. He told me i have to u-turn. i was like wtf! i walked so far u noe! WHile walking back, i almost cried.. i felt so helpless like a little baby.. I was sayin to myself where is darling? if only darling is beside me.. sob sob!

There were 2 bridges.. i tried to cross the other one which i haven tried b4,hoping to find a shortcut.. When i reached the top, It's blocked! OMFG!!! i got to climb down n go to the other bridge.. I felt so stupid and i kept sayin to myself who could be more stupid than me? sigh! so i crossed back. I wanted to walk away from the place again.. and i realised there were the stones again.. i was like OK I GIVE UP! I took the bus and alighted at the nxt stop. There i was.. I thought i was lost so i called my workplace. The supervisor wanted to mislead me and said that is the wrong stop.. i almost wanted to take the bus again leh! But luckily my senses told me NO! and i asked someone n slowly found the place! sigh.. was it an adventure or a horrific experience? And i was sweating badly!!! phew! man.. seems like the 'dou fu jie show' ( toufu street show on channel8 many yrs ago)..

I hate this kinda experience man.. that is to be trapped at the expressway and couldn't find a place to walk!!! And i know Malaysia got many type of this ulu places.. like the forests and such!! i had push away the leaves of some trees cos they blocked my way.. sigh.. i seemed like a tarzan? Hope i don't have a chance to do barbeque-ing there.. is a No-No!

Oh ya.. and i got my pay today! haha.. darling was complaining how come his lesser than mine by $400 =X i wanted to tell him cos i aso got work July for 5days ma.. so the 5days about 200 lor.. darling, oni more than u 200 ma(to be exact). Hee!

Today is really a very fcuked up day for me!

Friday, August 25, 2006

hao tired wor ~

25 August 2006

stupid blogger.. always got problems with the login.. i tired to login at least 5 times! and it didn't even work!! sigh.. i still got to reset my password and such. such a bother ! Just came back from work not long ago.. sigh ! nxt wk which is on 1st sep, 5th n 15th i gotta go for company training again.. but luckily is at my company office.. l0lzz~ sianz man.. my schedule always got error one.. meaning tt it always pop out a 5day work for me.. stupid ediot pigg.. haizz~

The good thing is im gonna participate in a singing competition on 27 sep.. l0lzz~ so nervous as its my 1st time.. my darling nv encourage me n say i surely will lose de and ask me dont go n throw face.. haiz sad u noe darling.. when i see this. u kan sway wo.. i surely will do give u see de ! hmph!!!!

Today realli nth to blog lor.. but nxt few days sure sian de cos work all afternoon shift. till very late de! haizz..

ok gonna upload some pics..

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Popo Birthday~**~~*

20 August 2006

so shaggzz.. Today almost woke up late wor.. actually shld wake up at 4.30am..but i 5am den wake up.. Luckily my ah ma last night got cook pork leave till tdy morning i eat again lo.. den in order to save time, u noe wad i did? I was half eating n half make-up in my room.. lolzz and that saves time.. i still got time to chat in msn and surf websites.. lolzz went to to search for the tokyo drift mtv.. lolzz and its in my friendster profile liao. :)

After my work, exactly at 3.30pm.. my mother called me on my handphone and told me to be home early cos my popo birthday.. i was like omfg.. i almost forgotten about it ! And i didn't even have the money to get her a gift.. pathetic eh? :( I heard that tonight's venue will be at coffeeshop or something.. i was like wtf!!!! The 'zhu chao' ? I was thinking.. sigh.. And here i am preparing now.. sianz man.. i fell asleep inside the bus on the way home.. actually i wanted to stop by Tampines interchange to buy my concealer n foundation de.. When the moment i woke up, I was already 1 stop before my hse de bus stop le.. haizz my concealer is finishing.. is Elizabeth Arden de.. the old packaging no more liao.. now become new one.. $49 sia.. last time i bought is $29.. wa.. raise by $20 .. zZz~

Tomorrow i'm goin for my company training at Bukit Timah.. sigh.. i even got the map of the place.. haha! I feel so fcukin sua ku man.. Tonight i wanna do a face mask haha ! Long time never put le.. keke.. what i can say is.. shagggzzz~~

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tired !

19 August 2006

Well.. did the same usual stuffs at work today.. Wake up-> prepare-> took bus-> change pass-> enter-> let supervisor chk wallet-> punch card -> smoke -> work -> exit -> change pass -> take bus -> home .. haha this is my daily routine for all my shifts, regardless is morning or afternoon. bored !! :(

Didn't sleep yesterday cos i went movie with cindy yesterday night to watch 'My Super Ex-Gf' .. really damn funny ! hahaha! =) Before that, in the afternoon went to meet xiaoxin and we nua at orchard lor. Wah! Really damn long never meet xiaoxin liao leh! She everytime meet bf de, where got time for me? :( Bf always number 1.. Hmm.. actually wan ask sher out also de.. she say she meeting bf at night.. den i called amber.. amber said can't go out cos past few days she went out everyday.. sigh! I was thinking when can we 4 go out together? Memories seemed so near yet so far.. :( Everything has changed.. haiz~ Everyone is busy with their stuffs.. and i don't deny that im also busy with my job too.. Very clashy lor our routines n stuffs.. well, guess next time bah~

Today at work, the time passed so fast wor ! What we had to do every morning is that we had to clean counters and pack stocks! And thats why maybe i feel that the time is fast bah! Cos i got something to keep myself busy.. And as for afternoon shifts, i felt that the time passes very slow.. cos afternoon shifts do not need to pack stocks nor clean counters.. like we've got much free time to chit-chat.. sigh.. on monday n tue (21/8 n 22/8) i gotta go for company training at Bukit Timah.. zzz Seriously i dont even know where's that. I know u people will say im sua ku.. yea, i am.. I'm a road ediot for west side places..

xiaoxin say that she'll be going to Japan end of this year.. I was like wow... If i am her, i surely don't wanna come back to Singapore anymore!! wahahhaa.. surrounded by japanese guys and their good food.. especially Udon!! My favourite..!!! In Singapore, japanese food is so so sooo expensive.. sigh!! I wanna learn how to speak japanese leh.. but learning Japanese in Singapore is like so kinda ex.. and we don't even use the language at all.. Unfortunately for me, as im working in the airport environment.. i will get to speak with Japanese. But for me, im a Japanese Language ediot too.. Yea i used to read Japanese basic words in a book from Kinokuniya Bookstore. But it was so fcukin long time ago.. it was like 3 yrs back? Im interested in learning Japanese but i have no opportunity to learn n im kinda lazy too.. It's just so hard to communicate with people frm Japan especially when they don't understand English.. That's the worst part! zzz~

I guess im gonna have a nap soon and maybe tonight, who noes? I can get up to call my darling.. if not i think im gonna sleep till the next damn day at 4.30am to prepare for work again.. U must be thinking, wa everytime so early wake up.. so no life sia! Well yes.. But who cares? Working is like this de.. Just keep following the rotating shift routines and at the end of the month.. Ur efforts pays off. You get yourself a month of salary! You get to see how much commission u've earned by being hardworking and obediently hitting ur target of 75k per person! LoL!!

Monday, August 14, 2006


14 August 2006

yawns.. so tired.. Just came back from work n took a bath.. and here i am (again) typing the same old wife tale over n over again.. well, i guess its alright, cos noone bothers to visit my blog.. and i don't fuggin care about whos gonna visit my blog anyway.. just to pass my free time.. actually now is the time for me to take a goody nap.. now im chattin on msn with cindy. haha!! 1st time chatting online with her.. kinda feel weird.. shes at work using her office's computer.. haha~ lucky her.. oh yeah, just nw after wrk.. i went to buy a packet of 'maltesers' cos i've never eaten that brand of chocolates before! tonite giving my darling an 85% bar of dark chocolate! I bought de.. from my shop there.. oni discount 25cent.. wtf!! zzz but since darling likes dark chocolates, den i decided to buy for him lor.. cos wan to dote him ma.. give him eat nice nice de chocolates.. :) so bored n tired.. yawns.. lata i wanna watch the 5566 show On ChannelU.. Haha!! at 7Pm wor.. not bad to watch wor.. got Sweety also.. chiobus...~ hmm.. nxt 3 days cannot waTch the show le.. cos i gonna work till midnight.. sigh.. sob sobs.. hope can buy the vcd.. oh yah, its called 'Ge Dou Tian Wang' .. i Like !!! keke.. Hw come the 5566 In Serial shows so yandao.. den they sing song, concert all tis.. all not yandao de huh? is it the lighting effect? or the people go edit their face? haha!! but shuai wor.. keke.. :) IN this show den i feel they shuai.. the rest of the time, nah.. LoLz.. after 9pm got 1 show aso v nice.. On channel8. it's called 'Da Nan Ren,Xiao nan Ren'.. haha.. i like bcome aunty liao.. keep watching this type of show.. Lolz~ keke.. sianz man..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

another boring off day

13 August 2006

hmm hmm.. long time no write blog liao.. today i have time to blog is cos today is my off day.. and im gonna stay at home, just like a very obedient child.. unfortunately, my parents aren't at home.. so i have noone to show that im obedient.. haha! so boring.. actually wanted to find amberlene de.. den i abit lazy.. hhaha~ den i sms sher asked her out.. and she didnt reply me at all.. boo! :( today i slpt at 12am and i woke up at 1+pm .. haha!! so its like 13 hours of sleep! i guess im realli a pig after all.. actually no la.. for the past few days ive been sleeping for about 3 - 5 hours each day as my working schedule is 7pm!! i've gotta wake up at 4.30am.. !! well, tomorrow also working 7am shift.. shagg!! Den my mum just now keep asking me to go out with her.. she say sit taxi.. cos she know my pattern that, if go out wib her, standard must sit taxi de.. whahaha!!! what can i say about myself.. just 1 word, broke. =( can u imagine? i spent almost $100 yesterday.. Eating, bought 1 top n 1 set of night wear and 1 pair of sunglasses.. so theres where my $$ went to.. sigh! Just now my gan-die called me n tell me got 1 private driving centre at bedok quite cheap oni.. if wan to register, oni pay $20+ instead of the normal $160+ at cdc.. i was tempted.. but on the other hand, i thought of my bank.. i was devastasted.. arhh.. nxt month perhaps.. =( not sure what im gonna do again when my nxt off day comes on Friday.. maybe gonna rot at home again? Hope not.. everyone is busy with their things and im here doing nothing besides staring at the computer and watching the repeat of National Parade!! arggg.. what's more i can do now? i've even tried to cook marcaroni for my meal and watched cartoons on scv.. and now it's even raining.. hate it man, when i dont even hv the cash to go out.. i guess im gonna be a lonely soul today..