Saturday, July 29, 2006

off day

29 July 2006

so lazy to blog nowadays.. sianz today is my off day and i went to bugis to help weiping to work cos she need to go out n buy things for her n her gf anniversary.. lolzz so i worked 5 n a half hours for her.. after that i went sengkang to find sher.. den we had our dinner at kfc.. actually we wanted to go Yoshinoya.. but it's packed again... ( this is the 2nd time tt we went is packed) .. den we felt very slack and walk here n there.. den i wanted to buy a black pants for my work at G2000. Sher waited for me for about 20min outside the shop. In the end, i didnt buy any cos the sizes are so weird.. the M size is like waist 24!! Omg.. and the queue at the fitting room is like so bloody longgggg.. perhaps i'll buy it another day. so sianz, tmr i hv to work 5 days straight before having my off.. it's because the schedule they write wrong.. so sway.. hope they will replace me an off in September.. hope so! :( and can u imagine, just now sher n i were like speaking english all the way.. cos normally she will speak some chinese.. and i spoke english all the way too.. oni few words is chinese. cos i cannot keep speaking english. Maybe for the reason that i kept speakin english is cos i'm working at chang airport.. and all the customers there are from other countries.. so i have to speak english! amazing eh? bored.. gotta wake up at 4.30am in the morning.. it's like the birds haven't even wake up and the sun hasn't rise.. and i gotta be earlier than that! omg.. i'm gonna be shaggggg !!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

27 July 2006

27 July 2006
Around 2pm...

Hi every1. I'm now at the airport writing this blog.. haha! really nothing to do. supposed to work at 2.30pm,and i reached at 1pm.. den nua n nua.. walk here n there.. luckily i saw this booth here gt free internet.. not bad huh? Lolzz later i'm gonna work at the fashion shop,selling $20 stuffs..meaning whole shop $20!!! den everyday have to check stock 2 times.. thats why many people don't like to work this fashion shop.. but is rotation de.. everyone have to work this shop about 4times a month? and for this month(i started at 25th), i gotta work 2times.. =( hmm not bad la. they still taught me how to do cashering.. so interesting. :)) saturday i'm off leh. who want to go out with me?? i want to watch NDP preview leh.. i got 2 tickets leh.. the real motive is to get the goodie bag.. ha ha !! =D~~ tonight i will blog again( if i have the time.. cos i work till 11pm!!) sianz.. my time remaining is 2min.. so sucks.. cos here limit only 5min per person.. zzz~~~ so guys remember to see y blog everyday ar.. best if can put as favourites. :))


Hi people.. I'm home at last! haha.. today's day is quite interesting..especially when i serve ang mohs.. got 1 time just now is when the customer want to buy a watch and he wanted me to help him set the time.. after that he said 'have u set the time for me?' i replied 'ya i setted the time for u'. can u imagine that i spoke broken english? OMG! so disgraceful.. i spoke it in front of him.. One more moments is when another angmoh couple wanted to try a watch(the lady). The watch strap is metal and the thing is she clip on her wrist den canot take out! haha!!! =Xx It took some time to take it out.. i'm quite happy with this fashionshop job. Unfortunately, it's only twice in a week.. shucks! :( today i finally went to the staff canteen to eat! cos past 2 days i've been eating the meesiam at my shop here.. it's really a very small bowl.. and i've been eating the same old thing! I ask my collegues at the chocolate shop to tell me where is the canteen.. den she direct me and drew a map for me.. LoLz.. haha.. den i walk n walk den i asked the cleaner for directions.. den the cleaner ask me to follow another cleaner.. den there i was, wow.. quite alot of food wor.. i ate chicken bryani.. quite nice wor. sommore staff got discount. actually the food was $4.. but i got it at $3.. den fordrink, i bought green apple juice.. usually is $1.50..but i got it at $1.30.. hmm today stand till 8+, leg suddenly felt tired.. but today's time passes quite fast.. that's what I think. Today i did the 'check-stock' all by myself.. i do the checking for 1 whole day.. noone help me wor.. =( but what i like is that noone snatches the sales from me.. cos im the oni sales assistant.. theres oni 1 cashier n me .. so good hor.. every sales, the commission i take.. =D~ Unlike the chocolate shop, have to snatch with everyone.. =(( ok la i stop here le.. tired..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Job which seem like Americaya Boutique style

25 July 2006

hmm went to work today.. today is my 1st day! The person in-charge of recruiting is named Pamela. I was supposed to reach the office at 10am..but i reached at 9.50am..till 10.30am then she came to me(i was sitting at the reception there waiting n waiting) as she was having a meeting then. Meanwhile, the receptionist gave me my uniform. Is a white polo tee with 2 red stripes at the armpit area. haha looked like National Day colours.. Here is the picture..

(OMG I Think something is wrong with my phone again after i serviced it at NOKIA CARE!! WTF.. MY CABLE ADDAPTER CANOT USE? Before i brought it to servicing, it was still working correctly.. How did this happen?? omg omg omg omgggggg).. sorry guys, sadly i can't upload the photo i've taken frm my fone to the computer.. damn!!!! no picture..

hmm after that i went to the toilet to change into my uniform.. Lolz~ Then Pamela brief me on the employee leaves and such and their History.. -_- and showed me a map sayin that they have how many branches in the world and such. She uses a slideshow on her computer and until halfway, her msn msg pop out.. den she replied the msg.. haha!! -_- then she introduced me to all the people working in the office and i had to shake hands with them and one of the ladies there gave me a bar of chocolate! That's a welcome gift for me.. zzz Then the manager(the one who interviewed me at the 1st time) showed me the way to the Police Pass there.. I need to change my IC to a visitor pass. Meanwhile at the carpark, both of us smk together. OMG! I smoked with my manager? wtf!!! Its like.. so weird!!!!!!! no comments.. after that we went to the shop which i'm going to work at. It's a really very big counter. and u can say that it's the biggest counter in the airport!!! and they sell chocolates !!!!! I saw many types of weird chocolates.. including KitKat with free "Jenga" blocks.. -_- and egg shell-like plastic inside got sweets and toy..machiam kinder surprise..but the 'egg' is like so huge ! How to say le? Undescribable and i can say.. Unimaginable !! so cute lor the chocolates omg omg omg.. machiam in chocolate heaven!!! wooooo~~~ =D but what i don't like is that there are chinese girls.. and theres 3 of them.. and they neevr talk to me de.. haizz i stand at another side like gong dai like that..and what i don't like is that, it's machiam Americaya boutique like that.. they have to snatch the sales de.. Like example i'm serving 1 customer. One of my collegue (an indian)..she will ask me 'u serving tt indian guy ar? tt one my customer leh'.. den i was like 'ok lor'. den i walk away.. zzz there de competition really very jialat.. haizz then i stand till very tired cos i was wearing pointed shoes today.. and my poor legs were like aching..omg.. when it's time to go home, i felt so last! I've waited for this time for soooo long... although it's like 6 n a half hours( supposingly is 8 n a half.cos Pamela had her meeting so long and she brief me till very long.then when i punched card its already 12pm!!!!!).. After work i went down to Bugis to meet Cindy and we had our dinner (Japanese food at foodcourt). AFter that i bought a pair of black shoes from Converse,as i had to wear that to work cos i have to pack stock also.. so tired.. got to work at 10am tomorrow.. After tomorrow, no more 10am schedule for me.. after that is AFternoon n morning shifts.. zzz -_- and for this job, i have to run around as there r 3 shops and there is a rotation for each employee each time.. bored...

so stupid.. my phone suddenly for no reason, the cable can use liao.. sot sot... ok now let me show u a picture of tt white uniform.. This is the DUFRY uniform .. zzz

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Ok thats all for today. Hope u guys won't find me toooooo bo liaoo. haha !!! see ya tmr !
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday - Happy day!

24 July 2006

Hi everyone.. so excited.. i'm going to sign the letter of appointment for the changi airport job today..wahahah!!! After that going out with cindy.. :) tomorrow going to start work liao.. i'll update the details of my job and wads happening today in the night.. Jai !


Hi every1! I'm back!! Just had a quick bath and here i am blogging.. i went Changi Airport at 12.30pm to sign the letter of appointment.. Actaully the appointment is at 3pm. I Emailed the company saying i want to go there earlier.. actually they say 1pm canot.. 2.30pm bah. i say canot lar.. 2pm can? they say 12.30pm bah.. i was like doing nothing at 11am and was like preparing in a rush.. i reached there at 12.45pm.. LOlz i'm late! the person got say me leh..but i tell her say the walking distance realli very far.cos it's like one end of Terminal2 to the other end.. i had to walk in high heels sommore! I wore a stripe button shirt and black pants.. After interviewing, i met Cindy as she wanted to go for interview. I was shocked as we wore the same stripe shirt!! OMG! we were like laughing n laughing leh.. but v sia sway sia..many ppl keep thinking we are from the same company..haha cos we wore office wear ma.. LOL!!! We went to Orchard towers and she was like there for about an hour! I was at the same floor doing nothing..just standing i went to the ground floor to catch something to eat! As i've not taken my breakfast!! i ordered cai fan and ice milo. Total cost $4.20! quite ex wor.. den i was like nuaing..walking here n there doing nothing..the shop owners were like staring at me cos i was like walking in circles in the building.. after that she went fareast shopping centre to interview. I feel so sian lor.. went walking here n there again.. total i waited for her for 2 n a half hrs!! -_- i was like rotting.. nvm lar.wad r friends for? :) after that we went fareast plaza to walk walk den we took a cab down to Lucky chinatown for kbox! so tiring wor.. tomorrow have to wake up at 7.30pm!! anyway i took neoprints with cindy...

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which one nicest leh? hehee~~ :)

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tiring sunday!

woke up at 7am and reach home at 9am den slp till 2+pm.. den nua n nua den play Yohoho Pirates.. Den i cook campbell soup for my mum and me.. I dun really do the cooking usually.. duno why i so siao today le go cook.. haha! den night time my mum and i went to cold storage to buy groceries.. we bought till $38. haha! That includes her vegetables also! I boughr snacks,icecream and marcaroni and pasta sauce. My mother actually ask me to eat dinner at the food court upstairs. But i don't want cos i want to save money. so when we go home, i cooked pasta for my mum and me. the pasta realli very cute..the design very circle de.. =) i cook le quite nice wor. maybe i was too hungry.. but if i cook for other people, confirm they won't like it de. cos im a very poor cook.. haha i dont step into kitchen de ^^ :) if u can eat wad i cook, u r realli very lucky! cos im very lazy de .. :) hmmm tomorrow going out le at last! haha!! don't u think i'm very guai? cos i stayed at home for so many days.. usually i'm not like this as im not a homegirl.. i like to go out alot de.. now tv got 'marry a rich guy' show on ChannelU.. how i wish i can marry a rich guy also! haha.. but i won't be like sammi cheng lar.. took all the way to Milan to know a rich guy and in the end found out is poor one.. haha!! so ke lian leh she.. hmm anyway i feel like having a dog leh..but im not responsible de.. i just want to keep a dog n play with it.. and hug it tightly..~~ who will buy one for me? hee~

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

boring saturday

22 July 2006

What a boring saturday. Woke up at 9+am for no reason. Maybe yesterday de yesterday sleep 13hours bah.. then replenish back my sleep liao. Haha! I just went to my house nearby to buy breakfast(cai fan).. the cai fan there got nothing de. all the vegetable all i don't really eat de. But nvm lar i just buy lor. till now i haven even eat.. later bah.. feeling so moody all of a sudden..when i think about this coming tuesday going to work, i feel very sian leh. Cos i like to lead a very simple life without working,as i'm very lazy lor. How i wish i can sit at home and be shao nai nai. haha! but its impossible de lar.. dunno got any1 see my blog anot leh. Think dont have bah.. cos this blog is full of boring and unlively rubbish. Yea i know that myself! ^_^ so boring, today donno want to go where leh! Singapore really very small and theres no places to go unless those nightspots. But too bad i don't go club one cos i already stopped since 2004. Hmm i was thinking about Sentosa..since 9yrs old till now,i've never been there ever since. People tell me wad beach wad beach, i don't even know any knowledge about sentosa. How i wish i can go to sentosa and play those rides some day.. so for today i guess i'll be slacking and will be online whole day bah.. don't dare to sms sher or xiaoxin leh cos i know they'll be with their bfs.. so no point lar.. haiz i'm so lonely..


went to play Yohoho Pirates for 5hours.. wow! time passes so fast! =( both my parents are at mother bought 'xando' tablets then let my father scold.. cos she cannot take it when people say that she's fat. she wanted to buy the 'Uzap' yesterday but i told her that it won't work.. anyway every slimming product also can't work on her de. cos she keep eating n drinking soft to slim down.. zzz I'm so afraid i'll be fat when i'm old.. nooo i dowan!!!!!!!!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

1st post

21 July 2006

Hmm this is my first post.. Haha.. nv used tis blogspot before. Last time i got write blog before but is in another website.. I got too bored at home so decided to write blog lor.. I think is for myself to see de ba.. cos my english really suck like hell so if let people see very sia sway de leh.. haha! =D Today Im going to stay at home lor.. past few days went out with cindy.. cos no job le ma.. The facial job i quit liao le.. worked for 2 n half days den got $50 as my pay.. =( But i aso earn one free facial. so not so bad lar hee! This coming tues 25/7 im gonna start work at Changi Airport liao haha! Something new to me lar.. cos i've never work at Changi Airport before.. doing sales lorz wad else! Monday 24/7 going down to sign appointment letter. Actually i've never expected them to hire me le.. cos at the interview i wore a pair of shorts le(jeans material) haha! and a polka dot top.. they were like staring at me lor cos it isnt presentable. But i heck care lar. as long as i feel comfortable can already! =) They said will call me in 1 or 2 days time,but they did not lor. It's like almost a week den they called me.. What I feel is that maybe they hire other people, people dont want den give me this job de. hmmm.. better than nothing lar! But I was thinking like, at interview i told the person i was hardworking and doesn't laze around and such.. I guess i'm so much of a bullshit. Sooner or later they will realise I'm the opposite. Maybe because Im too desperate for this job that i can talk some rubbish and prayed that they will want me. haha! Hope i can work long in this coming job bah! They got 4 shifts. 1st shift: 6am-2.30pm 2nd shift: 7am-3.30pm 3rd shift: 2.30pm-11pm 4th shift: 3.30pm-12am tiring wor.. is rotating shift. But what I'm happy is that they offer free transport to your house at 6am and the 12am. Only this 2 timing got free transport. And they got grooming allowance and so much more.. plus meal allowance of $5.25 Wahaha! 25cent sommore.. so weird! and i got to wear some uniform.. not very sure what it looks like.. heard frm cindy is a vest n at your neck must wear 1 ribbon.. dUno leh! So bored, suppose to ask cindy out today.. But nowhere to go leh so i guess stay at home lor. Cos she will bring her son out whenever she go, so not very convenient lar. Like example, yesterday we went Bukit Panjang Plaza den we were sitting at starbucks..and then suddenly her son want to go poo poo.. walao so mafan leh! cos we were like relaxing there n stoning already. Den she bo bian have to bring him to toilet lor. When she come back u noe wad? Cindy say when they reach the toilet, her son say don't want to poo poo liao. -_- No comments.. Ya i understand children is like that one. Always like to disturb de.. But also quite cute lar! hee! Hmm i guess today I'm gonna rot n rot n rot!! Just now played Yohoho Pirates for 3hours continously and took a relaxing bath.. when I'm bathing halfway, i thought of writing a blog. So here i am to write down the things i do each day.

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